Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Story on Dumb Starbucks

Quick facts
Photo: Forbes

  1. A mystery coffee shop opened in Los Angeles this past weekend that looked like a real Starbucks - except it said Dumb Starbucks on the sign
  2. Customers were not charged for the coffee, which is perhaps in part why the lines were so long. There was a tip jar if anyone felt the urge.
  3. Dumb Starbucks claimed their “coffee shop” was really just an art gallery and the “coffee” should be therefore considered art.  Basically, the shop, or art gallery as they called it, had to be labeled a work of parody art for legal reasons  
  4. People were literally lining up down the block to get a cup of the hot brewed coffee, which one customer said tasted very watery and not exactly what she had been expecting
    Photo: Forbes
  5. Turns out that in the end it was all a stunt created by Comedy Central reality-TV-show host Nathan Fielder
  6. And now, the health department has shut down the 'art gallery' because it was operating without a health permit
  7. The comedian behind this, Nathan Fields, seems to be anything but funny in his video where he says he considers this to be a real business venture that he plans to get rich from
  8. The next Dumb Starbucks is set to open in Brooklyn, New York
  9. Dumb Starbucks has a Twitter account at @dumbstarbucks